10th Eco-Expert Project

Human Activity and Its Impact on the Environment


Date: 2nd June to 6th June 2008

What is a junior Eco-Expert Project?

It is an international project, where chosen students from the third grades of secondary schools meet in one of the partner schools, and they do a research on a certain topic all week long. The official languge of these sessions is English, which is a big benefit for the students. Students broaden their knowledge of the language in real situations, and they learn technical terms. They also learn new methods of the research, they meet new friends, and they experience the way of life in various countries, and in different schools. This year, this 10th anniversary meeting was held at our school.

113 students took part in the programme ( 55 students from the Czech Republic, 17 from Poland, 20 from Hungary, 21 from Austria), together with 11 teachers (5 from the Czech Republic, and two teachers – supervisors from each of the participating countries). The aim of the Project was to assess the impact of human activity on the environment in chosen areas (Veselí, Cieszyn, Tokaj, Yspertal). Students also gathered information about measures on the protection of the environment, which are being done in each of the countries. Furthermore, they exchange their experience, and made some conclusions. They presented their results in a form of the final conference. The Project was finished in a successful way – the articles from various newspapers can prove it.